Access Bars

Access Bars is a dynamic hands on energetic process, which can create a deep space of relaxation and enable people to make new choices, create change, and look at things differently.    

When we are born and arrive on this beautiful earth, we have so much joy, magic and a sense of wonder. As we get older and journey through life, we often lose that vibrant joyous energy of play, creativity, magic, and possibility. We are influenced by our families, our friends and peers, our society and culture, and past events. We react to situations, fly off the handle, create dramas, have tantrums, experience traumas or get sick...... or we choose to fit in, make ourselves smaller and cut off our awareness - rather than trusting and following what we know is true for us. 

Many of the limitations, points of views, thoughts, feelings and emotions which we believe are ours, do not actually belong to us. We have bought them and taken them on from other people, other places, and other lifetimes. And then we wonder how it is that things aren't working for us in our life........     

The Access Bars dissipate the energy of all of those old patterns, limitations, beliefs, and points of view, and this creates a space for new possibilities, choices and phenomenal change. Or to put it another way...... it's like cleaning the hard drive on your computer to create more speed and more space ! How does it get even better than that?   

What would you like to change in your life...... ? What would you like to create ? And what else could you choose? 

Would you like to have less stress and anxiety in your life?

Would you like to have a greater quality of sleep? 

Would you like to have a quieter mind and greater clarity? 
Do you experience PTSD or suffer from depression? 

Would you like to have a greater sense of space, and have more ease and joy in your life? 

Would you like to create something greater? 

Would you like to be more present in your life, and turn off the auto pilot? 

Are you ready to embark on an adventure into the unknown.... ? How much fun could that be ? And where would you choose to go?  

Access Bars has assisted many people to create change in many areas of their lives. There is nothing to do in an Access Bars session - Simply lie down, relax, and receive, as the 32 Bars points around your head are lightly touched. What contribution could the Bars be to you?     

In each and every moment there are many many possibilities available to us. It is our points of views that determine whether we are willing, and able, to receive them. What else is possible now? 

Fees:  90 mins  £ 150

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There are two things that will change anything in your life........ Choice and Access Bars.
— Gary Douglas