Energetic Cocktails

The Energetic Cocktail sessions bring together the different energetic tools of Access Consciousness, and blend them together to create bespoke mix and match combo sessions. 

Each session is unique and tailored to you and your body as the session unfolds. There are many possibilities available....... and they all begin with asking questions, listening to people and their bodies, and  following the energy.  

What would you and your body like to receive? 

Maybe start with some Access Bars, possibly add a body process or two, or run some ESSE, or some symphony work....... And some energetic cocktails have also included working with crystals and sound. So there are a few different options and possibilities with these sessions. 

And what else is possible that you have not yet considered? 

It is amazing to see how these sessions come together and the change that is created with these with these dynamic tools. And at the same time it is also amazing when people's and horse's bodies show, and teach you, that there is something greater available and possible. 

How does it get even better than that?

If you have any questions or would like more information about these sessions, then please contact me. 

Fee:  120 mins £ 225.00