Symphony Sessions

Symphony Sessions

What would your life look and sound like if it was transposed and transformed into music? 

What form would it take........ pop music, jazz, hip hop, blues or maybe classical ? How big a band would be required? And what kind of energy and style would it have? 

Loud, brash, visceral and full of drama? Or quieter, and softer, more tranquil and intimate? 

We all have our favourite songs and styles of music, as well as ways of thinking and being - our comfort zones ! Sometimes we live in the same keys, rhythms, and styles, and ways of being for many years, until we get to a place where that simply doesn't work anymore. 

What would you choose if there were no limitations and anything were possible...... ? What would you choose to create ? And how much fun and adventure could you have creating it ?  

Welcome to the Symphony of Possibilities and a different way of being and communicating with everything around you.   

The Symphony of Possibility (SOP) Sessions are about energetic empowerment, creating change, and opening up more space for you to receive more and have greater awareness of possibilities and your capacities with energies. It is an invitation to living in a completely different way, and to a whole new world of possibilities. Are you ready to go beyond what you have decided is possible? 

In each and every moment there are thousands of possibilities available to us. Everything around us is constantly contributing to us – the sunshine and rain, the earth, nature, animals, beings and their bodies, trees...... and so much more. There are so so many possibilities available to us in each moment. Every single molecule in the universe is ready and willing to co-create with you. Are you ready to have that magical conversation with the universe? 

If the Universe could contribute anything to You what would it be? What could that create? And what else is possible now?

Fees:  60 mins £ 125 / 90 mins £ 175