I offer several types of dynamic hands on energetic tools and processes, to assist minds and bodies. These sessions are designed to create more ease and more joy in life, and to open up an awareness of greater possibilities for you, your body, and your being



Access Bars is a dynamic hands on energetic process that can quieten our crazy minds and greatly reduce stress and anxiety. By gently touching a sequence of points on and around the head, the energy of many old patterns, thoughts and emotions begins to dissipate and create space for new choices and possibilities. 


The Access Consciousness Body Processes are a unique and dynamic set of hands on energetic processes that can contribute a huge amount to your body and change how you see and relate to it.


The Energetic Cocktail sessions bring together the different energetic tools and processes of Access Consciousness to create bespoke mix and match combo sessions.   


Imagine….. being able to look younger and have your body feeling happier, more vibrant, and more alive without any surgery, injections, creams, or pills!


ESSE is a unique form of body work that targets the fascia system, and combines the energetic body processes of Access Consciousness with gentle movement and hands on manipulation techniques.


The Symphony Sessions create a space which invites us to go beyond our limitations, receive more, acknowledge your capacities with energy, and be open to even greater possibilities. What would you like to create?


There is an amazing and magical world of possibilities that the horses know of, which they love to show us and communicate to us. It doesn't involve words...... Can you hear and sense the symphony of the horses?