Access Body Processes

The Access Consciousness Body Processes are a unique set of hands on energetic processes that can contribute a huge amount to your body, and assist it in returning to its natural state of self-healing and regeneration. 

These body processes invite you to change the way you look at, and relate to, your body. We often take our bodies for granted, or judge them, or refuse to pay attention and listen to them........ instead of asking our bodies questions, and taking that into consideration in our daily lives. .  

There are over 60 body processes so far, and more are being created and developed as the tools of Access Consciousness evolve. These energies can facilitate our bodies to change and transform, often creating changes that cannot be explained in this reality..

There are processes to help our body's immune systems, joints and skeletal structure, lymph system, electrical and neurological systems, as well as helping them to repair and recover from trauma with greater ease.

And when the Access body processes are combined with the Access  verbal processing tools, this can create changes in bodies that were previously thought impossible. And this is just the beginning!

Are you and your body asking for something different or greater?

What if these processes could unlock the body's natural capacities to heal?

What if your body was one of the greatest tools for consciousness and change - for it, for you, and the world ?

"You have to have consciousness with your body or it doesn’t change it totally. Without consciousness you will buy physically into the limitations that other people call reality."


Fees:  60 mins £ 125 / 90 mins £ 175