Hello and welcome to Oaklands Healing.


My name is Richard Tobin. I was born and continue to live in London, where I have worked for the London Underground for over 20 years as a Controller. 

I began my journey into self development and energy work in my late twenties, when I began to experience difficulties with my eyesight and I knew that there was more to it than just being clumsy. After a series of tests and meetings with consultants, I was told that I was slowly losing my vision and that there was no treatment available.  

And so began a journey of looking at other possibilities and exploring different modalities and other ways of looking at illness in the body - Reiki, Psychotherapy, Acupuncture, Dynamic Theatre group work, and Shamanic Healing among them. 

Along the way I came across the tools of Access Consciousness and these have been a huge contribution in helping me to create change and reduce and deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. As I used these hands on energetic processes more and more, I developed an ability to see and work with bodies - with both people and horses. And after all the different things I have learnt and experienced, these are the tools which I now use most of the time.  

I currently offer the following possibilities: 

  • Access Consciousness Bars

  • Access Consciousness Body Processes (People and Horses).

  • ESSE - Working with the fascia (People and Horses).

  • Symphony Sessions - Working with the energetic field on and off the body. 

  • Access Energetic Cocktails - mix and match combo sessions. 

  • Emmett Technique - Equine. 

    I run classes and offer private sessions in Central and NW London. If you have any questions about the energetic processes, or would like to come to a class or book a session, then please get in touch. 

    How does it get even better than that ? 

And what else is possible now ?   

With Gratitude, 

Richard Tobin 


Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator

ESSE Practitioner

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Practitioner

I am currently insured by Balens Ltd.